30 Day Shred!

Good Evening everyone! I hope you all have had a great weekend 🙂

My weekend was very fun. Friday night I drove my brother to baseball practice; the team had to find a new place to practice temporarily because the bubble where we normally have practice collapsed because of all the snow! This also means that I can’t do my workouts with the team for now 😦 That makes me upset but I don’t think the boys are too sad about it.

Saturday morning I cleaned my room and was really motivated to go for a run. I went for a run and I ran 6 MILES!! Whoa! I did it in about 57 minutes so honestly, that was fine with me! I felt really really good throughout the whole run. After I got home, sat down and tried to stand up again, my legs were super stiff and really tight. But, it felt really good 🙂

Today, I have started Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and just after the first day I absolutely love it! I took my measurements so we will see by the end of the 30 days how much changes. I’m not really looking to lose any weight… I just want to see what happens; if anything I can only get stronger so there really is no downside!

Have you tried the 30 Day Shred? Let me know!


Have a great night everybody! 🙂


(Here are two of my favorite pictures, just for fun :)) 





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