My Poor Wrist

Happy Valentine’s day!

Yesterday, I was so sick and stayed home I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I stayed home and laid on the couch and I watched an unbelievable amount of The Biggest Loser. I went back and watched season 7. So, needless to say, I did not workout yesterday, nor did I workout today 😦 I think my days are just so much worse when I don’t workout. I definitely need it in my life.

The reason I didn’t workout today is this: I have had a cyst on my wrist (I love saying that because it rhymes :)) for a really really long time. And, it has started hurting pretty much whenever I use it. I have tried to not do many pushups, but come on, I can’t just not do pushups! So I went to the doctor’s and he decided to drain it. Yes, it is as gross as it sounds. He numbed it, drained it and put some Cortizone in there. Meanwhile, I am starting to not be able to see and my hearing goes away and finally, I start to black out. He tells me to put my head down so I did. After probably less than a minute, I started feeling a little bit more normal. So, as I’m coming to, I feel all of this moisture all over my face and I realize that I had started sweating. I was sweating like crazy. But thankfully I didn’t pass out completely! So, because of how sore my wrist was and the fact that I was still a little dizzy, I stayed home yet again today and watched The Biggest Loser… I have a sad life at this point.

However, tomorrow I should be back to doing pretty much everything except arm stuff.. I think I’ll lay off arms for a couple of days. Tomorrow I’m thinking of doing some cardio and leg and butt stuff; yeah, that sounds good.

Well, I hope everyone is trying to enjoy this day, whether you are single, in a relationship or married.

Have a great night everyone!

Oh, also, this is my absolutely favorite Valentine’s Day poem



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