What a workout!

Hello 🙂

This morning I got up bright and early to get my workout in! I decided that I wanted this workout to be harder than usual (since I didn’t really workout this weekend and I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s…) So I added some interval sprints in there, along with some squat jumps! I love squat jumps and I completely forgot about them! Here’s the workout: Image


And, honestly, this was a great workout! I haven’t really been running lately, sometimes, here or there, but not consistently, so those intervals really did kill me! I think this is one of my favorite workouts though, so that’s good!

I also did some softball practice today! Oh, and I got this app called Fitocracy today. I’m still kind of confused about how to actually use it… but I think I’ve gotten the gist of it. And, for my morning workout and softball, I earned 500 points! That’s pretty cool, I jumped all the way to level 3!

Yesterday, when I went snowshoeing with my family, we went out to a small sugar shack for lunch and and I got an absolutely amazing turkey club! It was on this great multi-grain bread; it was so good that my mum and I decided to buy a loaf of it! (And it’s already almost half gone… :)) Tonight I made myself a sandwich for dinner using that wonderful bread. i put on some hummus, lettuce, ham and cheese, and it was good 🙂

Image(Sorry that it’s half eaten… Halfway through I decided that I wanted to share how delicious this sandwich was! :))

Tomorrow I’m thinking that I’ll do an arm and ab workout.. Yeah, that sounds good to me 🙂

Good night everyone! See ya tomorrow with a great workout! 🙂



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