Good evening!

I stayed home all day today and pretty much did nothing except workout and watch some Netflix, but it was great! I actually got my brother to workout with me! He did my arm workout from the other day and he thought it was pretty hard. Today the workout I did was just a regular rep workout that I threw together this morning but it was really difficult. Sometimes when I’m working out and I am getting really tired I think to myself “I could just do one set of these instead of two..” but then I do two anyway because there is no point in cheating myself, no matter how tired I am.

Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation especially when you’re feeling down or bad about yourself. What I have done is, in my room, I created a “Motivation Wall.” I taped up quotes and pictures and a countdown to summer! I keep that up to remind me to work hard everyday. I’m pretty sure I saw this idea on Pinterest (surprise, surprise :)) and I love it!


Also, what I do is I have a whole album in my phone dedicated to motivational pictures and quotes. Whenever I don’t feel like working out or I feel like eating something I know I shouldn’t eat, I look through some of the pictures I have in that album (there are about 260 pictures in this album… haha :)); they give me motivation to get my butt off the couch and go work out!

My all-time favorite! This is also the background of my phone :)

This one is the background of my phone 🙂

I think a Motivation page will be coming soon, as long as I can figure out what I need to do in terms of citing the pictures, because I do not own them (including this one ^).


Well, anyway, I was plenty motivated today and got my workout done this morning! What I have decided to do, down in my basement where I do all my working out, is write all of my workouts on a white board! That way it’s easy to see and I’m not trying to find that little piece of paper that I wrote my workout on 🙂

Here’s my workout from this morning!

My arm workout that my brother did was under neath this :)

My arm workout that my brother did was underneath this 🙂

The divebombers and burpees with a pushup killed me, but I did get all the sets done! I felt so great after this workout, especially since I was covered in well-deserved sweat 🙂


Today for lunch I tried something new! I had peanut butter toast with a banana for breakfast, so, for lunch I didn’t want to have more bread. I decided to make my sandwich on lettuce! It was so delicious and refreshing! I just put two pieces of ham and one piece of cheese on two pieces of lettuce and, bam! I had an amazing sandwich!

oh, and some peppers and an orange :)

oh, and some peppers and an orange 🙂

Very, very good! If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself!

Today, my best friend in the whole world came over because we decided to do some yoga this afternoon. She wants to try to be healthier so I’m trying to help her and give her the most support that I can. The only problem was: neither of us really knew anything about yoga. So, essentially, all we did was sit on the floor, stretch and talk about life. We had a good time but not much yoga-ing was getting done! I think next time we’ll look up some yoga videos on the Internet or something.


Well, I hope everyone has a good night and a great day tomorrow!

See ya soon!




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