Early Morning

Hello everyone!

As you can tell from the title, I had an early morning. My day started up around 5am. Yup, you read that right, 5AM. I have set my alarm to wake me up that early, so that I can fit in my workout and start my day off right, even though waking up at 5am isn’t the easiest thing. Do you have any ideas on making getting up in the morning easier??

Well, though it was hard to get up, I did it! 🙂 And I got my workout and shower done all before 6:30. I think that’s pretty dang good. The workout I did this morning was pretty hard. I wrote it all out last night while watching The Biggest Loser (more on that later!). Okay, here’s my workout!

Rep Workout!

5 minute warmup jog

  1. 2X20 squats with weight (I used about 10lbs.) 
  2. 2X35 jumping jacks
  3. 2X20 bicep curls
  4. 1:00 minute sprint
  5. :30 jog
  6. :45 plank
  7. 2X20 reverse crunches
  8. :30 touchdowns
  9. 2X20 medicine ball slams ( I used a 10 lb. medicine ball)
  10. 2X50 Mountain Climbers
  11. 1:00 minute sprint
  12. :30 jog
  13. :45 wall sit
  14. 2X10 reverse pushups (I used my Equalizer)
  15. 2X20 burpees (no pushup)

5 minute cool down jog



There it is! This workout was a killer at 5:30 in the morning, I was sweating like a pig! Again, if you have any questions about any exercises, just let me know 🙂

Okay, so about The Biggest Loser. (Spoiler Alert!) I am so upset that Pam went home! After her success last week I thought she could keep it up. Now, it’s just Danni on the white team with Jillian. I would be scared, but also, I would know that I was working with the best. I would love to have a personal training session with Jillian! How cool would that be?! I think that the people on The Biggest Loser are so inspirational. The initiative they take to change their lives for the better, knowing how hard it’s going to be, is just so remarkable and influential. I also love that this season they are addressing childhood obesity. I think this is a great way to inform people about this terrible epidemic that has been on the rise. It truly is a great show! What do you think?

So for breakfast this morning (after my hardcore workout :)), I made my favorite thing ever. This is a concoction that I found on Pinterest (hey! follow me!) and it has seriously changed my life; I think I am addicted to it… What is it, you ask? Well, you take Vanilla Greek Yogurt (I use the Hannaford’s brand) and you mix in about a tablespoon of peanut butter (I use Jif, but I want to try almond butter… Let me know if you do!). Then, all that’s left to do is mix in some cut up banana and, voila! You’ve just made the best thing in the world! 🙂 I would highly recommend that you try is because, believe me, if you like peanut butter, you will love this breakfast! (I will post a picture of it when I have it tomorrow, I’m still new at this whole blogging-and-taking-pictures-of-what-you-eat thing :))

Question for the day:

Would you like to have a personal training session with Jillian Michaels?

– I know I would absolutely LOVE to have a PT session with Jillian! She really knows her stuff and she would push me harder than I can push myself. Plus, she is just such a great role model!

Well, I have to go run and grab some dinner before I head out!

Have a good night everyone! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Early Morning

  1. I love working out in the mornings, it’s my thing. I usually shower before I hit the gym, I read somewhere that cold shower mornings boost your energy levels. I also don’t set an alarm, alarms make it dreadful for me to wake up.

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